2023 Fantasy Baseball: Top 150 rankings for Dynasty leagues, as determined by value rating system

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The goal in a single-season draft is as straightforward as it gets: take whomever you think gives you the best chance of winning. But for the initial draft in a Dynasty startup, there are competing tensions.

Maybe you’re content to scoop up all the aging stars sliding down draft boards in the hope of securing a quick championship. Maybe you’re willing to sell out completely for prospects, forfeiting the present for a more sustainable future. But if you’re like most people, you’re aiming for the happy medium, hoping to field a consistent contender while avoiding the pain of a lengthy development period. 

If so, these rankings are for you. They aren’t tailored to your league’s particulars, of course (and you’ll need to recognize if, say, keeper rules would change the calculation in yours), but they do weigh present value against future value to serve as a draft guide in a dynasty startup or a trade guide in a longstanding league.

To give you a little peek behind the curtain, I’m sharing with you the most rudimentary form of a rating system I use to develop these rankings. Specifically, I’ve assigned each player a score (1 being the lowest, 5 the highest) across three factors:

  1. Present value: What a player is expected to be in 2023
  2. Future value: What his peak looks like and how much peak he has left
  3. Confidence rating: How confident I am in him meeting his present and future value

Add up each player’s score, adjust for age and preference, and voila, rankings.

Top 150 for dynasty leagues

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