2023 Golden Globe Awards: Live Updates – Deadline

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Welcome to Deadline’s live blog of the 80th Golden Globe Awards.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual “party of the year,” as telecast partner NBC has often advertised it, is returning to the network after being canceled last year due to fallout from revelations that, among other things, there wasn’t a single Black member of the HFPA. That was the tip of the iceberg that triggered a large faction of important publicists to lead a boycott of the group (and caused no less than Tom Cruise to return all three of his Golden Globes).

The HFPA has been attempting to reform and change its ways and bylaws, including adding six new Black members to their 90 or so original core group, as well as bringing on an additional 100 new voters from around the world in an effort to add credibility to the process. NBC joined in urging major changes, eventually renegotiating its multi-year contract and agreeing to air this year’s telecast (it’s also on Peacock), but with no guarantees it won’t be the last for the network.

Ratings, as well as star turnout, will be all-important as tonight’s show, hosted by Jerrod Carmichael, has a lot on the line for the HFPA. The big question: Will the Globes, which also saw its muted 2021 telecast downsized due to the pandemic, be able to return to its previous glory as a high-rated must-stop on Hollywood’s awards circuit? NBC may be hoping so, but with all the troubles the HFPA has had you can probably bet the most asked question on the red carpet at the Beverly Hilton will not be “who are you wearing?”

Ads for tonight’s telecast promise “an evening of joy and devastation” as the organization honors Eddie Murphy and Ryan Murphy with life achievement trophies, and crowns what it considers the best in movies and TV for the year. Whether anyone still cares, and just what the vibe turns out to be, you can bet we will be covering it all. We promise we will call it as we see it.

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