Ke Huy Quan Talks ‘Goonies 2’: Golden Globes – Deadline

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While Ke Huy Quan’s phone should ring off the hook with offers this week following his Golden Globe win for Best Supporting Actor (Motion Picture) for Everything Everywhere All at Once, one question asked to him was whether a Goonies sequel was more of a reality in the wake of his return to the big screen.

The original movie, produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by the late Richard Donner, was a summer staple in 1985 grossing over $63M, however, in the video era, the pic mushroomed into a cult hit. The Goonies followed a group of misfit adolescents who find a treasure map in their seaside town and embark on an adventure while being pursued by a troupe of crooks.

Quan recounted his long history with part 2.

“For the last 30 something years we tried to do Goonies 2. I wished it had come to pass when I was young, I thought I would need it to make a career comeback. We had numerous scripts, but not one script that felt that it could live up to the original,” Quan said tonight backstage at the Golden Globes, the actor having played the role of Data.

“Sadly we lost Dick Donner, the captain of our ship,” Quan continued, “I really don’t know if there will be a Goonies 2, but I’m open to revisiting the character.”

Quan gave a shoutout to Steven Spielberg in the audience tonight at the Globes; the filmmaker having launched the actor’s career as a child in Indiana Jones and the Temple Doom and The Goonies. Spielberg is up for Best Director – Motion Picture for The Fabelmans tonight.

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