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Sister Wives might have closed out its 17th season on Sunday, January 8, but worry not, fans of polygamy drama, as TLC has unveiled a new series, Seeking Brother Husband, set to premiere in March 2023.

The series follows four polyandrous (meaning a marriage of a woman to two or more men at the same time) relationships and their quests to add additional husbands to their families. Viewers will see these couples at different stages of their journey, witnessing the ups and downs and everything in between as these people navigate boundaries and life-changing decisions.

According to the official TLC synopsis, one couple will set off in search of another husband for the first time, while in another, viewers will see what happens after a second husband joins the family. The third couple will follow the wife searching to add a third husband, and in the fourth, family expansion talks bring forward tough conversations about who will be the biological father of the child.

“There’s definitely a double standard; when a female has multiple partners, it’s, ‘Oh my god, she’s such a slut, she sleeps around,’” says one of the wives in the trailer (watch below).

Fans have long called for a TLC show revolving around women looking for husbands, as the network has previously found huge success with Sister Wives and Seeking Sister Wife, both of which revolve around men with multiple wives.

“TLC actually did it! I CANNOT wait to see this!” tweeted one fan upon hearing the news. “The tables have turned. It’s about time!” added another, while one commenter simply wrote, “FINALLY!!!”

However, this isn’t the first time TLC has attempted a polyandry-based show. In February 2017, the network aired a one-hour pilot special for a series titled Brother Husbands, which followed the polyamorous trio of Amanda, Jeremy, and Chad. TLC ended up passing on the series.

Sister Wives kicked off TLC’s polygamy-based series in 2010, revolving around Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

Due to the latter show’s popularity, Seeking Sister Wife premiered in 2018 and has aired four seasons; it follows polygamous families, mostly focusing on looking for another wife to add to the family or a recently added new wife adjusting to the family dynamic.

Seeking Brother Husband, March 2023, TLC

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